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Epoxy Resin Pours – How Art Thou?

Jul 9th 2020

Epoxy Resin Pours – How Art Thou?

Epoxy Resin Fluid Art Pour

Lose Yourself in the Freeform Expression of Resin Pouring - for yourself - and maybe others too…

One of the freest forms of artistic expression for epoxy resin artists are epoxy resin pours. There are so many variables from which to choose – from canvas or wood surfaces – to various colors and tools with which to create such as sticks and brushes – almost anything goes to create and realize a personal and unique finished piece!

Fluid and “Dirty” Pours are two types featured on our VIDEO page – you’ll find step-by-step animated instructions highlighted here to get you started. The Liquid Resonance video features one of our Epoxy Pro Ambassadors, abstract artist Ashley Bronson, creating her own one-of-a-kind piece on wood-framed canvas; while our “Dirty Pour” video shows freeform creation using a multitude of colors mixed and poured on canvas.

Fluid painting makes a great medium for expression – enabling myriad tints, dyes and pigments to be used to create a multitude of effects. Optional artistic effects may be added such as glow-in-the-dark powders and glitter to enhance the piece and make it sing! The only limitation is one’s imagination…

Creating “wall-worthy” works of art with epoxy resin fluid painting often involves creating artwork to match the décor or theme of a certain spot in the home or office. Select colors to add to the epoxy resin that contrast or compliment the room, furnishes or accessories that you wish to accent. The results are spectacular - once the captivating finished painting is hung in a premier location – a DIY work of art!

Several of our customers found their artistic calling through epoxy resin. For example, Leila Parnian’s artwork features a wide variety of epoxy resin creations – from epoxy pour bar tops – to a variety of custom art pieces designed to augment and enhance customers’ home and office furnishings. She finds her artistic muse comes naturally to her – and the creation process “very cathartic.”

In another instance, after the purchase of a home that had cathedral ceilings with high walls. Lenore Diamond Robins searched for art to adorn her walls, and finding what she wanted cost prohibitive, she decided to “do it herself.” In so doing, she found herself establishing her own epoxy resin artwork business. And while her artistic muse doesn’t always “flow” to resin pouring – maybe you too will find a following for your creative endeavors as well!