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Epoxy Resin Market Continues to Grow

Aug 13th 2020

Epoxy Resin Market Continues to Grow

Growing Epoxy Resin Market

Versatile Polymer is Used in so Many Applications…

Uses and solutions for epoxy resin seem to be limited only by imagination and innovation. In our own conversations with our customers (i.e. our Epoxy Pros) – the creative ways in which they apply epoxy resin for artisanal and practical uses never stops astounding and intriguing us. We love hearing about and sharing their stories of addressing DIY project challenges, as well as successful craft and artwork creation. Kudos to all!

On a global level, the epoxy resin market continues to expand as well, as the polymer is constantly being used to address new challenges in a wide variety of applications. From moisture and impact protection in the electronics industry, to an anticorrosion and sealing agent in the paints and coatings industry; epoxy resin plays an integral part in so many devices and structures we encounter every day.

Epoxy Resin Market Growth Factors

“The main factor influencing to the growth of the global epoxy resin market is boosting application of epoxy resin in the paints and coatings industry owing to its high corrosion resistance and strong adhesion. In the automotive industry, epoxy resin is broadly used as a coating on account of its high mechanical strength, high thermal resistance, and strong adhesion to metals. These characteristics accelerate the protection of car bodywork from corrosion and other major damages, which further increases the service life of the vehicle,” from Market Reports World ‘Global Epoxy Resin Market Research Report – Forecast till 2025.’

Other sectors fueling the growth of the epoxy resin market include our namesake industry – the marine market for boat construction (as well as for ongoing maintenance and repairs) as a primer and coating to seal and protect hulls, decks and other ship structures. Additional manufacturing sectors leveraging the benefits of epoxy-based composites include the aerospace, automotive and construction industries due to (among other attributes) the high-performance and light weight of the material.

The advantages of working with epoxy resin have made this material a go-to solution for so many applications. As bonding agents, epoxy resins give superior adhesion. As a durable coating and sealant, these polymers protect materials to which they’re applied from moisture, corrosion as well as provide impact resistance. Epoxy resin may also be used as a filler material, tinted or dyed, and sanded and painted – giving a versatile, flexible solution with many uses.