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Epoxy Resin Jewelry – DIY Sparkle & Shine

Apr 2nd 2021

Epoxy Resin Jewelry – DIY Sparkle & Shine

Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Easily Make Your Own Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants and More with Epoxy Resin…

Designing and making your own unique and attractive jewelry using epoxy resin is a fun and creative hobby, or perhaps, future craft enterprise. The possibilities for these one-of-a-kind pieces are only limited by your imagination. Epoxy resin makes a versatile palette for a wide variety of jewelry styles and accessorizing options…

To begin crafting your own resin jewelry, you’ll need some art resin (of course!) and silicone molds into which the epoxy resin mixture is poured. There are two basic ways to acquire silicone molds; purchase them online or from a hobby or craft store or make your own using a piece of jewelry as a mold template and silicone mold putty or liquid silicone which also may be purchased online or from hobby or craft shops.

Other considerations for your custom jewelry creations are colors and design accessories to be added such as beads, metal flake, small costume gems, glitter, tiny seashells – whatever accents suit your individual sense of statement and style. To add color to the mixture itself, epoxy resin pigment options are many and varied from pigment powders to liquid tinting dyes depending upon preference and results desired.

Epoxy Resin Jewelry – Easily Handcrafted

You can get a good idea how to easily craft resin jewelry from the video: Make Your Own Epoxy Resin Earrings. This two-and-a-half-minute presentation will show you the step-by-step process used to make a number of pairs of resin earrings including epoxy resin mixing and tinting. It’s a good starting point and a great visual aid to jump start you own creative endeavor.

Of course, resin jewelry isn’t limited to just earrings! All kinds of dramatic and innovative accessories may be designed and handcrafted including bracelets/cuffs, rings, and pendants. Even belt buckles and hair accessories such as combs, bands & barrettes may all be molded and decorated in a variety of styles and with a vast array of accents and colorful highlights!

Crafting your own DIY epoxy resin jewelry is a great way to express your artistic side, create decorative personal accents, and is also a gratifying accomplishment. Just think when someone compliments you on your bejeweled accessories and asks where you got them, you can respond, “I made them!” And since they make great handcrafted gifts – maybe you’ll make something for them too!