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Epoxy Resin Ingenuity

Aug 20th 2020

Epoxy Resin Ingenuity

Epoxy Resin Ingenuity

Unique & Unusual Epoxy Resin Uses & Additives…

Glitter. Beads. Marbles. Pieces of shells, sea glass, driftwood and other bits of nature. These are just a few of the things that artistic people add to their epoxy resin artwork and furnishings to create truly unique objects – for their own homes and offices – and often handcrafted to the tastes and décor of others as well…

And their ideas and imagination don’t stop with items added to epoxy – but in the innovative ways in which they construct creatively with resin. As we continue to delve into more and more solutions, and their stories, with our “Epoxy Pro” customers – we’re ever-more astounded by the never-ending enthusiasm and creative spirit employed to create truly unique expressions…

One of our Epoxy Pros, Larry Anderson of Artistic Illusions, has been crafting one-of-a-kind furnishings and artwork for over three decades adding eclectic items to his creations including sea coral, broken concrete and other “rustic debris” that he finds near his Southwestern Florida locale. “Everything I do in art, is to try and push the envelope a little bit – try to take it beyond what we normally see,” he explains.

How about painting mannequins in bright colors and finishing with a crystal-clear coating of epoxy resin for sheer eye-catching appeal? This unusual artwork is just one of the artistic expressions employed by Leila Parnian in her versatile portfolio which also includes epoxy pours, bar and table top finishes and wall art. She explains that her “artistic muse just comes naturally” and she tries to “accentuate the positive” in her creations.

Peter Martinez, a recent addition to our Epoxy Pro Family, builds large-scale models of military vehicles including both land and seagoing vessels. We were amazed at the way he created an “ocean” out of our epoxy resin for his latest construct – an over-five-foot-long recreation of the battleship Missouri – now proudly displayed in his office. “The piece really comes to life,” he enthused, “as if it was plucked right out of the ocean and placed on the table in my office!”

Two of our newest Epoxy Pros are also using epoxy resin in some interesting ways. One, Dan Ciarcia, is repairing vintage musical instruments – clarinets in particular – using epoxy mixed with wood shavings and sawdust to refurbish these woodwinds and restore them to their former glory and fidelity. And Peter Springer is completing some auto body restorations and customizations – adding modifications including new panels and a spoiler to his vintage Mazda Miata. These stories are in the works and will be released in the near future – stay tuned…