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Epoxy Resin – for the Sport of It…

Jan 21st 2019

Epoxy Resin – for the Sport of It…

Epoxy Resin Sporting Goods Guide

Durable Sporting Equipment Demands High-Performance Epoxy Resin

Today’s professional athletes work at their crafts year-round. Therefore, they are in better shape and make greater demands of their sporting gear than ever before. Weekend warriors too have increased their desire to use the most advanced sports equipment technology can provide. So sporting goods manufacturers are in constant search of materials that give them an advantage in their marketplaces – in both durability and performance. Enter epoxy resin.

Integrating the thermoset polymer epoxy resin into the manufacturing of sports equipment provides for lighter weight, yet more durable equipment with greater stiffness and strength. This manufacturing process is used for a wide variety of sporting gear ranging from snowboards and skis to tennis racquets and fishing rods. And for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer to be on the water, this lighter but stronger materials process is used to create a whole spectrum of watercraft including kayaks, canoes, paddle boards - and the oars and paddles used to propel them.

Epoxy Resin A Player in Global Sports Composites Market

According to a Grand View Sports Composites Research Report, ”The global sports composites market size was valued at USD 2.60 billion in 2015. Growing demand for durable materials in the production of rackets, skis, and hoverboards is expected to drive growth over the forecast period. In addition, growing expenditure towards the development of new products that increase the strength and drive in hockey sticks and golf clubs, by reducing the overall weight is expected to bolster carbon composites demand.”

Carbon-fiber reinforced polymers are extremely strong and lightweight plastics that contain carbon fibers and that are reinforced with thermoset polymers such as epoxy resin. This combination of materials provide a superior strength-to-weight ratio – making them ideal for myriad manufacturing applications including the aerospace and aircraft industries, alternative energy sectors (for wind turbine blades and solar panel components) and of course, high-technology sports equipment, among many other applications. (Epoxy resin polymers are also used extensively in the automotive and marine industries as well as structural engineering applications.)

So the next time you’re using that composite racquet, golf club, fishing rod or oar; appreciate the advances in the materials that go into their creation; and the benefits of reduced weight, and increased stiffness and durability - all designed for better performance – both for the equipment – and your game.