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Epoxy Resin Crafting for Bibliophiles

Apr 30th 2021

Epoxy Resin Crafting for Bibliophiles

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Bookend

Resin Accessories for Readers – Book it!

As a voracious reader, people often give me books or gifts associated with reading on my birthday, holidays, etc. This got me to thinking, “How about a column devoted to epoxy resin items for readers?” There’s a host of reading and writing accessories that may be designed and produced using resin – for instance…

Handmade Bookmarks by The Sparkling Quill as featured on Etsy

Handmade Bookmarks by The Sparkling Quill as featured on Etsy

Colorful bookmarks may be easily molded, tinted and highlighted with imagery, flowers, glitter, sand, sequins and more. A variety of silicone molds (epoxy resin doesn’t stick to silicone) are available at hobby and craft stores. Just mix your epoxy resin, add your accents, pour into the mold and once cured - one-of-a-kind bookmarks for you – and great gifts for other book lovers.

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Lamp

For more adventurous crafters, larger objects with a book-theme may be created out of casting resin like the bookend and reading lamp pictured above. Using mold(s) of whatever geometric shape you’d like the base to be; casting resin is mixed, dyed (or otherwise adorned) and poured into mold(s). And viola - once fully cured/assembled*, a unique and personal decorative and functional book-themed accent – featuring form and function!

*Note: (One mold may be used - pouring one layer at a time - adding the next once cured; or several molds may be used to create the layers concurrently - then assembled once cured by lightly sanding and adhering layers with a small bonding amount of epoxy resin.)

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin

Another helpful accessory for readers is a lap desk/table upon which one may prop reading material to keep it at the proper height. Easily built out of wood (or whatever base material desired) and finished with epoxy resin, a lap desk may be customized with colorful and decorative accents. A lap desk also doubles as a great space for breakfast in bed, snacks during movie time, a game of solitaire - and a laptop lap desk workspace.

So, in terms of reading, once we’ve got our epoxy resin accessories crafted that is, which is better – print or digital? A bit of online research* seems to lead to several suppositions:

  • People read digital text more quickly than printed - but absorb less
  • Print is visually less demanding than digital text - providing tactile and spatial cues
  • Print is easier on the eyes and readers are less likely to get distracted

Having a library of books is also linked to higher academic achievement and leads to a greater joy of reading - both in developmental years and throughout life. So maybe a combination of the two - keep abreast of things digitally – but read book “old school?”