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Epoxy Resin Casting – a Penchant for Pendants and more…

Jul 23rd 2018

Epoxy Resin Casting – a Penchant for Pendants and more…

ProPour Casting Resin

In this column, we feature a number of links to a variety of resin crafter resources – providing a primer for those just starting out – and, we hope – some ideas for those looking to expand their epoxy DIY horizons.

Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Many crafters use epoxy resin to create jewelry and other items including pendants, coasters, picture frames, serving trays and bracelets. However, for burgeoning do-it-yourselfers, working with epoxy resin on smaller artisanal pieces can also make great practice leading to larger DIY projects such as home furnishings as well. You can find the right epoxy resin for whatever you’re trying to create HERE.

There are several methods resin crafters use to produce unique, eye-catching designs. Sheri of Hazel+Gold Designs uses a variety of tools and methods to craft epoxy resin pendants such as Sparkling Dripped Resin Pendants, and Wood and Resin Pendants – as posted on, for which she is an “ambassador.” Sheri has been crafting for about twenty years and woodworking for about four – and encourages others in their DIY pursuits.

For a “glowing” jeweled look “inspired by the beautiful jewelry of Britta Boeckmann and the amazing glowing resin shelves of Mat Brown,” Quinn Z Shen in his DIY Exploration piece ‘Wood Resin Jewelry’ provides illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to build casts, mix and pour resin, and shape and finish cast pieces into unique creations.

Enthusiastic resin crafter Barb also provides comprehensive instructions on how to create ‘Rustic Resin Pendants,’ explaining her busy schedule as such, “My apologies; I have been really busy with an exciting new media; Resin! It’s so exciting to be able to show you how you can cast and form your own absolutely unique resin jewelry. Natural ‘live edge’ elements are very ‘hot’ and this has so many possibilities… but don’t blame me if you also become a ‘resin addict’!

Epoxy resin casting is an enjoyable and artistic craft – providing artisans and do-it-yourselfers a way to create unique personal expressions – both for themselves and as keepsakes for others. Resin casting enables almost any object to be encased and protected in clear or colored polymer, for a long-lasting and beautiful finish. Give it a try, explore your inner artisan, and maybe you too will become a ‘resin addict’!