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Epoxy Resin Candleholders

Oct 21st 2019

Epoxy Resin Candleholders

Orange lotus flower resin candle holder by @artcreationsbyamyb on Instagram.

Can You Make Resin Candle Holders?

Can you use resin to make candle holders or candle trays? The answer is complicated, but the answer is also not “no.” One popular trend that we see in resin crafts from time to time involves a simple but undoubtedly atmospheric decoration: the candle. Now, while we don’t advise making a candle from resin, we have seen a variety of inventive uses for resin in candle holders and candle tray decor.

Pepper your home with your favorite scented candles and, better yet, give them colorful distinctive “homes” of their own to rest in or on! From tea lights and incense to votives and pillar candles, you can use resin to build a holder of any kind and shape.

Before you look into making your own candle holder and candle trays, there are some things you should keep in mind about resin and high temperatures.

Resin and Flame

Resin is affected by heat, even after being cured. The hottest part of a flame, specifically the blue area at the bottom, can burn at over 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to ensure minimal damage to your creation, you’ll want to avoid having flame, wax, or the metal that might contain a candle’s wax come into direct contact with the resin.

You do not want the resin candle holder to encase the candle in any way. This is why flatter candle holders or candle trays are a safer alternative. As a flame burns down through a candle, you will also want to avoid a burning flame surrounded by resin on all sides. An ideal resin candle holder will involve minimal to no contact between the source of heat, the flame, and the resin component.

One example of a candle holder shape that can result from a mold is shown below.

Making Resin Candle Holders

A Pro Marine Supplies customer and gifted DIYer by the name of Rebecca Dillon offers insight into the process of making her custom resin candle glass holders out of our Table Top Epoxy. In her post about the subject, Dillon arranges dried flowers, twigs, holly berries, and pinecones before adding layers of resin to complete her final product!

There are many safety factors to consider ahead of time before you create. As mentioned, heat and flame on cured resin can damage even cured resin. Dillon has her own methods of addressing any heat concerns:

"You don’t want resin to get too hot. Therefore, I used a glass insert inside the resin when making my homemade candles. This allowed me to create a decorative resin candle holder that enabled me to burn my candle safely for short periods of time without having to worry about fumes from the resin or the resin melting."

To take a look at her blog post, click the link provided here, and get started making your unique candle holder vision a reality!

DIY Candle Holder Ideas

For starters, imagine that you’re shopping in your favorite home décor or furniture store and you see it—the candle tray holder of your dreams. You realize quickly, however, that this store or even the associated company does not sell this candle tray holder in a color that suits your aesthetic. Maybe your hope for this new piece of décor sinks, but we’re here to tell you that your quest doesn’t have to end there!

If you see a design you like, it's possible to replicate it by purchasing the object, and creating a mold with products such as the Amazing Mold Maker from our friends at Alumilite! Then, you can use that mold to cast a piece out of resin. You can also peruse and purchase numerous types of resin candle holder molds online.

Since you can encapsulate objects in resin or even tint its color, there are no limits to your creativity. You can even combine different mediums, such as wood, to make wooden candle trays with resin accents or make round candle trays out of concrete to break up the texture in a space.

Candle holder and candle tray ideas can be influenced by a number of things. Think abstract, eccentric, haunting, glamorous...check your vibe, and reflect that in your work! Many of our ProMarine Supplies customers have taken it upon themselves to design the candle holders that best represent their artistic style.

Resin candle holder by @foxflowart on Instagram.

@foxflowart boasts unique shapes and cool ocean-influenced colors with their newest candle tray.

Candle tray holder by @theresining on Instagram.

@theresining added eyeshadow tint to get this deep spooky purple for their spellbinding moon-shaped candle tray.

DIY incense holder by @the.quinessentials on Instagram.

@the.quinessentials was inspired by summer days and warm temperatures when they made this colorful sunshine-y incense holder.

Another example can be found in our thumbnail image, the bright lovely lotus flower candle holder by @artcreationsbyamyb on Instagram.

Continue to browse our Instagram for more ideas, candle holder-related or otherwise! If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page or read about other inquiries made in our FAQs section.