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Epoxy Resin Arts vs. Crafts

Feb 11th 2021

Epoxy Resin Arts vs. Crafts

Epoxy Resin Arts & Crafts

Are You an Epoxy Resin Artist or Crafter – or Both?

We often refer to our audience/customers as ‘Epoxy Pros,’ and use the terms ‘artisan’ and ‘crafter’ interchangeably. But are arts and crafts really the same thing? Of course, to some degree it depends upon opinion and whom you ask. So, for clarity, we looked up a definition, and came up with:

“Art is described as an unstructured and open-ended form of work; that expresses emotions, feelings, and vision. Craft denotes a form of work, involving the creation of physical objects, by the use of hands and brain. Art relies on artistic merit whereas craft is based on learned skills and technique.” ~

So, in general terms, art is a visual expression of imagination, feelings, thoughts and ideas whose examples include architecture, painting, sculpture and photography. While crafts are loosely defined as being more tangible in nature, the creation of items that have a utilitarian purpose – and that purpose may be functional, decorative, or both.

Seems like there’s quite a bit of room for overlap here, especially since both mediums are creative and potentially decorative, so we dug a little deeper into the subject. From the comparison site we discovered the explanation, “The main difference between art and craft is that the art cannot be reproduced whereas the craft can be. Art is the creative expression of one’s emotions and feelings while craft is the ultimate creative, tangible output from a particular talent,” along with this chart:

Epoxy Resin Crafts versus Art

Art is an original creation based upon innate talent that comes from the heart, mind and soul of an individual – and is not reproducible by others. Its unique and intrinsic value is its originality. Craft, on the other hand, whose concepts are also heavily influenced by imaginative artistic muse, is a learned skill - making handmade items – that may or may not be made in some quantity.

Whether deemed art or craft, we believe that the emotion, skillset and talent expressed by artisans and crafters shines through no matter the classification. Artwork and craft creation, whether displayed in museums, or available for acquisition at a variety of venues, really come down to one thing – their impression in the eyes of their beholders.