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Epoxy Pro Success Story - Automotive Artistry using Epoxy Resin

Jul 29th 2020

Epoxy Pro Success Story - Automotive Artistry using Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Automotive Artistry

Brilliant Badges in Epoxy Resin Customize Cars…

The automobile. Cars are a huge part of our culture, heritage and history. For many people, part of their identity is reflected in what they drive. And some are not content to settle on the stock options offered by car manufacturers. They choose to customize their rides in some way – adding a personalized touch to their car that lets others in a bit on who they are, where they’ve been, and maybe even where they’re going – both literally and figuratively.

Another phenomenon of automotive enthusiasm is automotive type, brand or model loyalty. Some people are muscle-car focused, others like classic cars from a bygone era while some enjoy the latest models. Some cars develop an almost cult-like following whereby owners are fanatical in their love of, and loyalty to, their brand…

Epoxy Resin Auto Emblems

"Super" Looking Epoxy Resin Badge

James Guelfi and his wife are epoxy resin artists – though of different passions. While she focuses on artwork such as resin pours and furnishings; James creates custom car emblems for 2018-2020 Honda Accords under the moniker blue_envy_custumz. He discovered ProMarine epoxy resin through his wife’s creations and decided that since he’s a “car guy” – he’d try his hand at personalizing his car’s badges (as shown) using epoxy resin as well.

“Honda Accord owners are a passionate, loyal group,” explains James. “Once I made “Super” emblems for my car and posted them online – they took off on social media and through word-of-mouth. People like to personalize their rides and word continued to spread about my efforts via Honda car media and clubs – the reception I’ve received has been enthusiastic and rewarding!”

Blue Envy Epoxy Resin Honda Car Emblems

Blue Envy Custumz Honda Emblems

James interest in cars was kindled through familial connections with his uncle and grandfather – both of whom loved vehicles. His uncle’s focus was classic car restoration including a 1950’s-era Corvette; while his grandfather just “loved to tinker with cars in general,” both experiences provided him with an automotive education and lifelong passion.

“When I create these unique pieces for people, I still feel the connection to my family – it brings back fond memories.”

The one-of-a-kind badges are custom-made in sets of two – for the front grille and trunk lid of the car. James works with each customer going over possible color and material combinations – making each emblem set unique. He has created over 70 Honda badge sets in the past three months and currently has a 6-8-week lead time for production.

“One of the requests that touched my heart was when a special order was placed by a customer who wanted to remember his grandmother who had passed away recently from cancer. He asked for his car’s emblems to be made in her favorite colors, so that now, whenever he drives his car – he’s reminded of her – a unique piece of remembrance and memorial.” (below)

Specialty Epoxy Resin Car Emblems by Blue Envy

On the personal side, after James customized his own car with Superman “S” badges, he decided to memorialize his own vehicle in miniature. “I found a place that will recreate your specific car as a model via 3D printing!”

James personal Honda in miniature

The toughest part of James’ artistic process is the mold-making, but have no fear, as ProMarine Supplies has a soon-to-be-released Casting Resin in the works…we’ll keep you and all our Epoxy Pros apprised James! And Thanks for being a loyal customer!

You can see more of James’ Blue Envy Custumz creations on Instagram.

Epoxy Resin Car Badges

We’d like to give our Heartfelt Thanks to James for agreeing to do this article – and wish him all the best in his epoxy resin endeavors!