Being crafty with Epoxy Resin has been riding a wave of enthusiastic growth in the art community. Case in point, artisan and owner of Artistic Illusion Inc., Larry Anderson, has been using epoxy resin recently to create unique artistic expressions for over three decades. He recently spoke with us about his experiences with his preferred epoxy resin vendor, Pro Marine Supplies.

Larry is a Southwestern Florida artist that likes to “break the norm” with his art - adding unusual items into his creations. For instance, Larry employs materials like broken concrete, sea coral, rustic debris, combined with epoxy resin - to set himself apart with his art.

Imagine living near someone that makes the best banana bread you have ever experienced - the enticing scent wafting and drawing you in. Larry had a similar experience upon meeting and speaking to the owner and CEO of Pro Marine Supplies. Being neighbors, Larry always knew Pro Marine Supplies had the highest standards - delivering high-performance products and service to their customers. But what he didn’t expect was a gift as grand as the Epoxy Resin he found that day.

Larry has made a variety of items featuring resin, including coffee tables, counter tops, sinks, floor detailing, and wall art. He remains loyal to Pro Marine Supplies because he believes “the price points are perfect, it’s user-friendly,” and he likes the “Crystal Clear Epoxy." Yellowing and fading over time can take away the shine you once loved, which is why Pro Marine Supplies contains a UV additive that challenges yellowing.

A new journey, adventure or challenge is at the top of Larry’s To-Do List. When he first began incorporating resin into his artistry, many of his friends and family claimed to be familiar with this style of art because they “had seen it on YouTube." Initially, this deterred Larry from the idea of using resin in his art. But the more he thought about it, he began to envision ways he could use resin in interesting and unique ways. In his wall art (featured above) Larry uses Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy Resin to “add depth and clarity” to his pieces, for an outstanding finish that you can “see right into."

Larry's creations are featured in many art shows and events. “From Tampa to Naples, one doesn't see a lot of art like this,” Larry noted, “it’s just a completely different experience." He captures the essence of islands and landscapes with coral and slate embedded into bright blue waves and metallic horizons by dying epoxy resin with pigment powders. Larry uses the natural elements around him to evoke appealing Florida-feel artwork.

Turtles, sea life, shorelines and seahorses are popular keepsakes in Florida homes. Larry doesn’t stop short of providing the Florida-feeling to his customers. Visit Larry Anderson’s website: to keep up on his latest work and upcoming events!