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Epoxy Pro Guide - Top Ten Favorite Projects

Jan 13th 2021

Epoxy Pro Guide - Top Ten Favorite Projects

Hello Epoxy Pros!

For this Guide, we thought we’d highlight some interesting projects that have caught our attention recently and stoked our creative spirits. Some are practical, some decorative, and some are both; but they all have some similar ingredients – namely craftsmanship, inspiration and epoxy resin! We hope you’ll be intrigued and possibly try your hand at one or more of these projects…

  • “Marble” Clock
  • Creative Cups
  • River Tables
  • Clarinet Clarity
  • Artful Auto Upgrades
  • Shipshape Military Models
  • Fluid & Resin Pours
  • Penny Tables & Floors
  • Longboards & Surf Boards
  • Art Resin for the Kitchen

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