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Custom Crafted Cups - Created with Epoxy Resin

Oct 23rd 2020

Custom Crafted Cups - Created with Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Tumbler Video

Epoxy Resin Tumbler by Mychelle Ambeau-Derosin

Decorative Tumblers are Fun to Create for Yourself, as Gifts, and maybe as a Business…

Here in Florida, one of the big employers and souvenir manufacturers is Tervis Tumbler. You can buy personalized drinkware with your name or other designs printed on the cup; but for true originality – why not create your own works of art with handcrafted one-of-a-kind designs?

Many insulated cups are plastic – but for an epoxy resin crafted cup – we recommend a metal tumbler as epoxy resin doesn’t adhere to all plastics. We also recommend a double-walled stainless-steel insulated tumbler for two reasons; epoxy resin adheres well to the material, and hot beverages can easily exceed the maximum temperature that the resin should be exposed to (about 135 degrees F) – double-walled construction keeps the outer wall cool.

Aside from the tumbler itself, the tools you’ll need are easily procured from hobby or craft shops and include items to prepare, decorate and finish your decorative epoxy cup. On our VIDEO web page, you can view a succinct presentation (approximately a minute and a half) showing you the process; as well as a step-by-step PDF GUIDE with materials list that may be viewed online or printed for reference.

Many of our Epoxy Pros (as we call our customers) have had great success with this project, presenting their own unique tastes and designs when crafting customized cups. Some of our customers have contest-winning tumbler designs like Danielle Allen from Texas, who won one of our first contests a couple of years ago. And several of our Epoxy Pros gave us their “tumbler tips” – sharing their experiences in creating their artful pieces.

And one of our Epoxy Pros, Mychelle Ambeau-Derosin was featured in a Success Story about her insulated epoxy cup craftsmanship that she has turned into her own business – creating personalized pieces to customer specifications. Mychelle has since expanded the business to include epoxy resin tables as well.

Mychelle’s business came to be out of a combination of her epoxy resin tumbler creation hobby, and the fact that she’s a soccer mom. Other soccer moms saw her innovative and interesting designs – and wanted their own unique epoxy cups created! Who knows, maybe the next tumbler business will be yours?