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Capture Spring Flowers in Casting Resin

Apr 16th 2021

Capture Spring Flowers in Casting Resin

Spring Flower Resin Bangle Bracelets

Spring Flower Resin Bangle Bracelets as featured on MyModernMet

Keep Spring Close at Hand (and Heart) Year-Round with Wearable Flowers

After a long winter (and year – but let’s not go there), Spring has sprung, and positive signs are everywhere! Especially resplendent are Mother Nature’s floral displays – a harbinger of better times to come. And one may easily create and revel in those colorful petals with wearable bangles made from real flowers and resin…

DIY or purchased options for resin bracelets, bangles and cuffs abound! Of course, we highly endorse the latter option made with your own specially selected fresh flowers and our casting resin! There is a vast palette of floral hues to choose from to suit one’s accent tastes and personal sense of style; and the materials needed are readily available online and are easy to use.

Botanical Resin Jewelry

Real Flower Resin Bangle by Zafirenia on Etsy

Real Flower Resin Bangle by Zafirenia on Etsy

Botanical resin jewelry and accessories are captivating floral accessories for yourself, great gifts for others, or who knows – maybe a happy hobby turns into a side craft business? For instance, the bracelet shown above is one of many displayed on Etsy by crafty epoxy resin artisans. So perhaps you too would like to take the plunge into your own resin enterprise as so many of our Epoxy Pros have done?

Of course, floral resin jewelry isn’t only limited to bracelets! Fresh flowers and their pastel petals may be used to design and cast a wide variety of bejeweled accessories such as earrings, pendants, broaches, rings and more! Let your ideas and inspirations (along with the epoxy resin) flow! Translucent resin may be tinted as well to further highlight your designer creations.

Epoxy Resin Encapsulations

Paperweights Featuring Botanical Elements & Acrylic Paint

Paperweights Featuring Botanical Elements & Acrylic Paint

Suspending decorative floral and other botanical elements in epoxy resin is just one way to add panache to your jewelry or other resin pieces like the paperweights shown above. Additional pieces such as sea glass, bits of shell, beads, glitter, pieces of metal and stone and more may be integrated as complementary accents to flowers, leaves and stems. Almost anything eye-catching that is the right size for your medium – may be integrated into your craft creation.

3D Layered Resin projects using casting resin and acrylic paint make artistic display pieces that come alive with color and detail. The layer-by-layer application process lends itself to intricate detail whereby paint, botanical elements and other items are added during the creation process – adding depth and perspective to artistic endeavors like paperweights, bowls, candle holders and other display items.