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Beyond Epoxy Resin Projects…

Apr 13th 2020

Beyond Epoxy Resin Projects…

Activities, Projects & Pastimes for Mind, Body & Soul…

As a writer, you get used to sequestration (since it’s self-imposed). But for our Epoxy Pros out there, once you’ve spent some time with craft and DIY projects using epoxy resin (of course), you may be seeking some other outlets. My head-clearing activities include music, literature and walking, but there are so many others. We’ve culled a few great pastimes from our own experiences as well as pursuing some online sources. So, without further ado, we present a collection of games, hobbies and just plain distractions to help get you through the next several weeks…

  • Read – There’s a whole library of books from which to choose! Mysteries, Biographies, Humor, Thrillers and more. Most people still prefer books in print over digital, with 75% of Americans having read at least on book in the past year. ( Hard copy books provide a great escape both from digital media and to another immersive world.
  • Get Outdoors – During these “social distancing” times, the great outdoors provides a great way to clear your mind and exercise your body and spirit. Parks, beaches, trails and other places to walk, hike, bike and just enjoy the view provide centering for one’s self.
  • Correspond – There are probably some people who would love to hear from you – calling, emailing, texting or (even) putting pen to paper is a great way to catch up.
  • Support Your Local Businesses – Restaurants and other services are still delivering – indulge yourself and continue to support your community by placing orders.
  • Learn – Try your hand at a new recipe, start a new exercise regimen, learn a new language – start something for which you usually don’t have time.
  • Make Progress - Organize your home, paperwork, books, music, movies or whatever. Short-term accomplishments can give lots of satisfaction.
  • Donate to your favorite charity. Send a gift basket to a loved one. Challenge friends to an online game.

Enjoying your time and using it wisely will keep your spirits up – and help keep your troubles away. And, remember…

Create (some time to indulge yourself).

Connect (with your inner self).

Celebrate Life (everything happens for a reason).

And of course - Wash Your Hands – Don’t Touch Your Face!

NOTE: Our thanks to the site Urban Daddy for their inspiration for this post. Visit the link highlighted for more ideas.