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Basic Tools List for Epoxy Resin Projects

Mar 8th 2018

Basic Tools List for Epoxy Resin Projects

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin projects cover a wide range of creative and practical endeavors - from artistic creations - to DIY home and boat repair and maintenance tasks. Therefore, the exact list of necessary tools to accomplish a particular project will vary, but the checklist below will get you started.

Here is a list of the main items you may need for your project:

  • Epoxy Resin - see below
  • Clean Paint/Mixing Sticks
  • Graduated Mixing Buckets
  • Standard Mixing Cups
  • Foam Brush - to spread resin
  • Propane Torch - to remove bubbles during curing
  • Painter's Tape - to tape off edges
  • Disposable Gloves & Eye Protection - Safety First!
  • Sandpaper - 222-300 grit
  • Drop Cloth/Wax Paper - to protect work surface
  • Denatured alcohol or acetone - to clean up tools, etc.

As noted, items will vary depending on your project. See links below for epoxy resin instructions.

Epoxy Resin Options

There are four epoxy resins to choose from - depending upon the task at hand:

No matter the creative or practical project, there's an epoxy resin designed to get the best results! We're here to help during any phase of your task - just Contact Us!