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Artisans Guide to Epoxy Resin Crafts

Feb 20th 2019

Artisans Guide to Epoxy Resin Crafts

Epoxy Resin Craft Videos

In this Guide:

I Intro to Epoxy Resin Crafts

  • What is Epoxy Resin?
  • Why ‘Epoxy Resin Crafts?’

II Getting Started with Epoxy Resin Crafting – Tools & Tips

  • What You’ll Need
    • Molds, Tools & Other Supplies
    • Safety First – Googles, Glasses & Gloves – Oh, My!
    • Measuring, Mixing & Curing

III Ideas – Getting Crafty with Epoxy Resin…

  • Decorative & Display Items
    • Jewelry & Buttons – Unique, Personal & Whimsical
    • Napkin Holders & Picture Frames – Behold the Beauty
    • Knobs – for Cabinets, Doors & Drawers – Functional & Festive
    • Paperweights & Other Display Arts – Beautiful Aesthetics

IV Coating & Sealing Keepsakes & More – the Long & Short of it…

I Intro to Epoxy Resin Crafts

Welcome to our first Epoxy Pro Guide! This series is designed with you, the creative and crafty epoxy pro (or pro-to-be), in mind. You see,

our goal at Pro Marine Supplies, is to be more than a provider of superior epoxy resin products; but to also be your go-to resource for a wide variety of news, information and ideas on all things epoxy.

Future guides will feature topics on how to best use epoxy resin for a host of projects including Boat Building & Repair, Auto Body Restoration, Furniture Creation and Refinishing and Home Repairs and Maintenance. And of course, we’re open to your suggestions, comments and ideas

on topics you’d like to see covered, so please feel free to contact us!

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy Resin Jewelry made with ProArt Art Resin

Epoxy Resin Jewelry made with ProArt Art Resin

Epoxy resins are two-part thermosetting polymers – one part being the epoxy adhesive – and the second is the hardener or curing agent. When the two parts are combined, the chemical reaction creates a heated bonding process, hence the ‘thermosetting’ term. It is also this process that creates a superior bond employed for a wide range of uses – such as resin crafting.

Other epoxy resin properties enjoyed by artisans and crafters are the clear durable shell created when the material cures, the quick setting time, its moisture-resistance and the ability to easily mold epoxy resin into virtually any desired shape – a boon for artistic creativity! Plus, the material is non-toxic and fume-free - making it safe to use.

Why ‘Epoxy Resin Crafts?’

One of the main reasons people tell us they love epoxy resin crafting is because this material cures to a “beautiful crystal-clear finish.” And, as we mentioned above, this finish is strong and durable. Many artisans make keepsakes for themselves, as well as their family and friends - sealing treasures in this polymer to last for generations.

Epoxy resin may also be dyed, creating either translucent or solid color effects; for an even wider variety of artistic expression possibilities. Plus, epoxy resin bonds with almost any materials including glass, plastics, metal and wood – making it an ideal universal tool for crafters. Coming up, we’ll explore a number of crafting ideas – read on!

II Getting Started with Epoxy Resin Crafting – Tools & Tips

DIY Epoxy Resin Tips

As with most projects, you need the right tools for the job. The great thing about crafting with epoxy resin is that the tools are readily available and inexpensive. Epoxy resin can be purchased online HERE (from Pro Marine Supplies of course), and the molds and tools used to handle and shape the polymer are available at any number of hobby or craft stores.

The tools you’ll want to use for resin crafting will vary depending upon what you’re going to create (again – read on for ideas); but here’s a basic list to get you started:

  • Epoxy resin & dyes (if desired)
  • Wax paper to cover the work area
  • Stir-sticks for mixing polymer
  • Utensils to shape material – of your own choosing – or we found a great set HERE
  • Molds for artistic creation
  • Items for embedding
  • Misc. tools – scissors, pliers, a drill or Dremel tool

Epoxy Resin Handling, Safety & Storage Tips:

  • Wear gloves to keep skin out of contact with the epoxy
  • Safety glasses or goggles are well advised when working with epoxy to protect eyes
  • Protect clothing with a work smock or other outer garment
  • For cleaning surfaces, containers – use Acetone, rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover
  • When stored separately, epoxy & hardener have long shelf lives – store in a cool dry area in tightly sealed containers

Measuring, Mixing & Curing

When measuring epoxy for use, stick with the recommended ratios in the instructions (for best results), and blend just what you think you’ll need - as once mixed – leftover epoxy can’t be saved. You’re better off making several small batches as you progress with your project; aside from saving on material - epoxy has a limited working time until the curing process begins.

Depending upon the ambient conditions (temperature & humidity) – you’ll have about 35 minutes. For best results – the adage is to cure epoxy resin warm (room temperature is fine), slow and long (allow sufficient drying time).

III Ideas – Getting Crafty with Epoxy Resin…

Casting Resin

Create Epoxy Resin Encapsulations using Casting Resin

So now you’re ready to begin creating! You’ve gathered your mementoes, cleared your work area (and covered it with wax paper), mixed your epoxy resin, and have your tools and safety items at hand. But first, make sure the keepsake and other surfaces you’ll be working with are clean and free of dirt, dust and any other contaminants; since what goes into epoxy resin – stays in epoxy resin.

Not sure how to best express your muse and capture your sentiment and creativity in epoxy resin? We’re here to help! Over the years, we’ve explored a wide variety of artistic outlets; crafting purely aesthetic creations, useful everyday items – and those that are both – combing the best of form and function. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Jewelry & Buttons – Unique, Personal & Whimsical

Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Epoxy Resin Jewelry

One-of-a-kind jewelry may be created by combining epoxy resin with a wide variety of items – or with resin alone. Bold and colorful pendants, necklaces, rings and earrings can be crafted using a variety of molds and by adding your own unique items for truly personalized creations.

Epoxy Resin Buttons

Epoxy Resin Buttons

Buttons are an easy way for beginners to ‘get into’ resin crafting. Start with a simple button mold filled with epoxy resin, then add whatever you like to decorate and personalize - glitter, dye, your own unique items – and voila! Crafty Buttons!

Napkin Holders & Picture Frames – Behold the Beauty

Epoxy Resin Picture Frame

Floral Picture Frame in Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Crafts

Place setting with Epoxy Resin Napkin Holder

Decorative (and functional) napkin holders, napkin rings and picture frames may be created to add an artistic touch and whimsy to your dining table, desk or any area that you’d like to highlight and personalize. Start with resin molds to your liking – maybe leaves, hearts or flowers – or perhaps a holiday theme – and add to wooden (or other material) frames and napkin holders.

Knobs – for Cabinets, Doors & Drawers – Functional & Festive

We recently decided to change the drawer and cabinet pulls in our kitchen and priced these at several stores. Ouch! It was going to be hundreds of dollars – so why not create your own for much less using epoxy resin? Using a mold of the appropriate size, add polymer and decorate with resin dye, glitter or other small items of your choosing – an attractive and inexpensive way to dress up a kitchen, bathroom vanity or dresser.

Paperweights & Other Display Arts – Beautiful Aesthetics

Encapsulating Keepsakes in Epoxy Resin

Eye-catching wind chimes, sun catchers, paperweights and other attractive decorative arts may be created using epoxy resin and some

artful molds. Plus, you can add personal items – safeguarding mementoes into permanent displays for you and others to enjoy. And your creations may be given as gifts – cherished tokens of love, affection and appreciation that will last a lifetime.

IV Coating & Sealing Keepsakes & More – the Long & Short of it…

Preserving Memories in Epoxy Resin

Many of us have objects – cherished keepsakes – that we’ve collected to remind us of the good times shared - and quality time spent in the company of others. These items may be fragile, and may lend themselves to a creative and durable expression through the artistic use of epoxy resin…

Sealing your treasures in epoxy resin ensures that cherished items, and memories, are safe and protected – to be looked upon and enjoyed for years to come.

Access the PDF version of this Guide: HERE