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All That Glitters is Geode: Geode Resin Art

Oct 14th 2021

All That Glitters is Geode: Geode Resin Art

Multicolored geode resin art by @ninikes_art on Instagram.

All That Glitters is Geode: Geode Resin Art

Geode resin art is a dazzling technique often used in the crafting community and involves inspiration that's a little more down to earth (and we mean that quite literally). This crafty crystalline approach can be as basic or as complex as you want! Artists have used a variety of tools and mediums to achieve their inspired looks with these techniques, which means this crafty crystalline approach can be as basic or as complex as you want!

Geodes and Their Structure

Geodes are hollow rock formations that contain cavities lined with crystals and other minerals. When a cavity is formed in a rock, which can happen for a variety of reasons, minerals like quartz and agate can build up and crystalize inside the cavity.

This process results in a layered intricate structure of minerals of all kinds; it’s a masterpiece of Mother Nature that many seek to imitate with their art. With everything we’ve seen, these artists have definitely succeeded.

One of the most common geode resin projects we see is geode wall art. To create this type of art, artists start with a canvas or a hollow geode blank, apply resin in the colors of their choice, allow the piece time to cure, and then hang, sell, or gift their artwork. This style is not limited to just one kind of medium or project type, either.

Resin Geode Project Versatility

These resin projects have taken on a variety of forms other than geode resin wall art. Because you can craft or purchase numerous kinds of molds, you can easily find a geode resin mold to begin working with. For example, you can build off molds for coasters, trays, hollow geode blanks, and more for you to build off of. We have even seen geode art play practical roles in trays, tables, and PopSockets.

How to Make Geode Resin Art Tips

Our ProArt epoxy resin is a fantastic product to use in resin geode art applications. Our epoxy resin is easy-to-use and leaves a crystal-clear finish that is both smooth and durable. Combine it with colorants like our Pro Mica Powder or alcohol inks and glitter to build layers that shine and shimmer.

Some people take the process one step further and adhere craft crystal pieces to their art to create an organic look and add more sparkle. Aside from simulating the layering effect of geodes through colored resin, people often incorporate items like pebbles, craft stones, gems, aquarium marbles, and more.

By utilizing a combination of paints, resin, glitter, powders, and crystals, you can create your own unique interpretation of these formations. You can freeform your design or plan ahead by sketching out your design beforehand. As far as designs go, there’s no real right answer. Make something using your favorite color combination or let your imagination take over.

Crafty Tips

As we’ve mentioned, many artists have used a variety of tips and tricks to see their artistic endeavors completed. Whether you’re just starting out or have been using epoxy resin for a while, we want you to succeed and have several pieces of advice that we think might be helpful!

If you decide to plan ahead, it may help you to make a sketch ahead of time or even make some markings on whatever you're putting your geode resin art on. After you've poured your resin, you can use a hairdryer before it's dry to push it around, which will allow you to build distinct, yet natural-looking veins of color throughout your piece. This is how many people achieve that marbled stone appearance.

Things you should always consider when working with resin are:

  • Your workspace – when working with resin, always make sure your workspace is well-ventilated
  • Your safety - always wear proper safety gear, like safety glasses and gloves, when working with resin. If there’s any sanding involved, please wear a respirator.

We have a multitude of resources for anyone looking to hone their resin craft. In our videos section, we have a video about making a DIY Wine Caddy. In that video, there are skills and techniques used that might both inspire and assist your geode-resin-art-making journey. In the future, we hope to provide you with a more detailed guide to perfecting your geode resin art skill.


Take a look at the diversity of artwork that we see from our customers and fellow crafters every day.

An example of multicolored geode resin wall art by @laserpic

@laserpic incorporates a variety of techniques in this textured piece—and the pearls are particularly elegant!

Purple, black, gold, white, and brown geode resin art on a coaster by @talkingthyme.

@talkingthyme puts together function and flair with this geode tray, which also serves to display jewelry. 

Resin geode wall art and a coaster with geode resin art done in warm colors.

@lulasbathandbombs really evokes the autumn season with this colorful geode wall art and tumbler combo.

Another example would be the vibrant and colorful thumbnail for this blog post, done by @ninikes_art on Instagram.

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