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A Party of One – Reveling in Creative Solitude

Apr 7th 2020

A Party of One – Reveling in Creative Solitude

Epoxy Resin Creations Bring Solace & Satisfaction...

" Collaboration is key to creativity, but exceptional creativity often happens in solitude. Many great artistic masterpieces were done in isolation. Elizabeth Bishop, an American poet and short-story writer believed that everyone should experience at least one prolonged period of solitude in life. Being alone doesn't have to be the same thing as being bored or lonely,” ‘The Science of Silence: How Solitude Enriches Creative Work’ by Thomas Oppong

Whether your creative medium is epoxy resin like our Epoxy Pros; or words, my preferred outlet, most creative types really excel when they enjoy some quiet time. I know from my own experience, that when I “clear my head,” be it by taking a walk, enjoying a scenic vista or putting on some mellow music and letting my mind wander – that’s when the ideas come fast and furious.

That’s not to say that collaborative and social time can’t be creative. Group artistic sessions can be very festive and interactive however, most serious artists seem to reach their best levels of creative expression on their own. Or, as Mr. Oppong puts it, “The best creative minds are flexible, and spend quality time working alone, but they don't ignore the value of other ideas.”

Resin Creation - by Design...

Solitude, and the results thereof, don’t happen by accident. For creativity to flow, distractions and interruptions need to be minimized. Checking a few items off of a daily task list before you begin the creative process is a good place to start. The knowledge that those accomplishments are behind you will help you focus. And digitally - turn off the phone and any computer reminders and “pings” for a while – you and your muse will be happy you did!

We know from our experiences with our customers, our Epoxy Pros, that they get their inspiration from all kinds of sources. For some, it’s from speaking with other crafters and artisans that sparks ideas; while for others they often take one passion and combine it with another – such as a love of the ocean and a passion for creativity as expressed by Amy Alderman and her business Aloha by Aldy

“The ocean has always brought me tranquility. Whether I'm sitting on the beach or swimming in the surf, the sound & movement of the waves revitalize my spirit. I feel this same energy when creating my work. To bring together the inspirations of nature and my passion to create is a dream come true." – Amy

We hear you Amy – and we agree!