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4 Fantastic Father's Day Resin Crafts

Jun 3rd 2022

4 Fantastic Father's Day Resin Crafts

Poker chips resting in a coaster mold.

4 Fantastic Father’s Day Resin Crafts

Father’s Day is just around the corner, but not so soon that you don’t have time to make the perfect crafty present for Dad! Today we’re going to highlight some fun and simple resin gifts for Dad that you can customize depending on his interests! Our specific focuses are coasters and keychains, but the process and techniques involved will definitely assist in any resin crafting adventure.

Let’s start with the coasters and what you’ll need!

Father’s Day Resin Coasters

Supplies Needed:

  • ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin
  • Coaster molds (deep enough to embed bottle caps and poker chips)
  • Measuring and mixing cups
  • Poker chips
  • Sports logo
  • Stir sticks
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Blowtorch or heat gun (optional)

We made two different resin coasters with various embedding accessories. The first step is to really think about what your dad likes. What are his hobbies? Use that knowledge to choose your accessories.

We chose a couple accessories based on hobbies we’ve known our dads to like. These include poker chips and the logo of a beloved sports team.

Assemble all of your supplies in your workspace and we’ll begin with measuring and mixing.

One of the many great things about ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin is how easy it is to measure out in its 1:1 by volume ratio. With this in mind, carefully pour out equal portions of part A and part B.

ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin being poured.

At any point, feel free to use either a blowtorch or heat gun to remove surface bubbles. Just make sure you don’t torch when the embedments aren’t covered with resin, because you may burn them. Additionally, do not torch gelled or cured resin.

A blowtorch being used to remove resin bubbles.

We’re also going to carry out this project in layers: we’ll pour a thin layer of resin, allow it to reach a gelled state in roughly 80­–90 minutes, and then add our accessories. Because we’re doing this in layers, you only need to mix up enough epoxy for the initial layer of each project at a time. You can measure and mix up the final top layer later.

In these projects, you can set the accessory in the mold and pour the resin in all at once; however, doing it this way may mean that more air will get trapped underneath and could cause problems with the cure and the overall look.

When it comes to mixing, you’ll want to ensure both parts are thoroughly combined to the point where you don’t see any swirls or striations in the mixture. Mixing can introduce bubbles into the epoxy, but if you take your time, you can minimize the amount.

Table Top Epoxy Resin being mixed with a stir stick.

Most of these projects employ clear resin, but for the sports logo coaster, we wanted to incorporate team colors. We used a very small amount of Flo Orange dye from Alumilite to play opposite the blue logo.

Keep in mind that if you embed the logo, then coloring the epoxy may affect what you can see of the logo on the inside. However, this doesn’t really matter if you decide to adhere the logo to the top of the coaster.

For minimal air bubbles, pour your initial thin layer of resin down and give it time to gel. After that time has passed, you can set your poker chips on top of the gelled resin. Depending on how you want to incorporate your sports logo (we used a Cricut machine and cut it out of vinyl), you can also either embed it here or set it on top of the finished coaster.

Pour your top layer on your poker chips, and allow both of the coasters to cure.

Resin poured over poker chips that are sitting in coaster mold.

Once they’ve cured, you can demold them, and they should be ready for gifting! Here are some images of our finished logo coaster and one we played around with by adding multiple accessories.

Completed resin coaster with fishing flies, poker chips, and bottle caps.

Detroit Tigers' logo placed on orange resin coaster.

Now it’s time for keychains!

Father’s Day Resin Keychains

Supplies Needed:

  • ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin
  • Keychain molds (deep enough to embed bottle caps and fishing flies)
  • Measuring and mixing cups
  • Bottle caps
  • Fishing flies
  • Stir sticks
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Keychain attachments
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Blowtorch or heat gun (optional)
  • For the keychains, we took two different approaches using our assortment of bottle caps and some fishing flies we purchased on Amazon. Fishing flies are particularly fun because they can come in different varieties and colors!

    Again, mixing and measuring with our Table Top Epoxy Resin is pretty straightforward. Measure out equal portions of parts A and B to get enough resin for the initial layer on both of the keychains. This also depends on which molds you’ve purchased. We have a rectangular keychain mold and a circular one.

    Remember that when you mix epoxy, do so slowly to avoid introducing air into it and creating air bubbles. Combine until the mixture is clear and free of swirls.

    Starting with the fishing fly, we had to ensure it was flattened down as much as possible. You can approach introducing it into the epoxy in a few different ways, but if you want the fishing fly suspended in the middle, it’s best to first pour a thin layer of epoxy first. Give that layer roughly 80­–90 minutes of time to gel before putting the flies in.

    Two fishing flies in a silicone keychain mold.

    Set the flies snug in the gelled resin and then pour another layer on top. Allow it to cure and assemble your keychain!

    The same approach can be taken for the bottle caps, as well. Pour the thin layer of epoxy, and allow it to gel before arranging your bottle caps. We accidentally placed our bottle caps the wrong way, so don’t forget to place the flat side of the bottle cap into the resin! This will also help limit possible air bubbles.

    Add another layer of resin on top of that, and allow it to cure for the amount of time indicated in our instructions. Finally, demold your project and assemble your keychains, and they’re ready to go!

    Here’s a photo of our bottle cap keychain:

    Resin keychain with bottle caps being demolded.

    And, finally, our fishing fly resin keychain in the great outdoors:

    Completed fishing fly keychain held up to sky.

    Share Your Projects with Us Anytime!

    What are some other Father’s Day resin ideas you have? We’d love to hear about them, or even see them if you have pictures to share! You can contact us on our various social media accounts and tag us with your project images using the following tags:

    • #promarinesupplies
    • #promarine
    • #pmtabletop
    • #pmproart
    • #pmpropour

    Happy crafting, epoxy pros, and Happy Father’s Day to all who celebrate!

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