3D Resin Painting

Jul 2nd 2020

3D Resin Painting

Captivating 3D Imagery Using Layered Resin & Acrylic Paints

We live in extraordinary times. While we find ways to be safe and be well – we should also find ways to express and explore our passions. Silver linings may be found almost anywhere. And one of these is making the effort to expand our horizons - however and wherever we find them – and accepting the time given us as a gift and using it wisely to enhance mind, body & soul…

We here at ProMarine Supplies have tried to be diligent and creative in introducing you, our Epoxy Pros, to new ideas that are innovative and inventive to stoke your passion in all things epoxy resin. Today’s column features a relatively new innovation in art resin – 3D Resin Painting. We’ll explain what it is, examine some techniques and explore some ideas – read on…

The origin of 3D Resin Painting is attributed to Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori who established a technique of layering and pouring resin to create incredibly detailed 3D paintings of goldfish. The illusion of depth is achieved through layers of resin and acrylic paint – a slow and methodical process – but one where the results are worth the effort.

“I didn’t invent resin and not the first to use resin. I am not a resin artist. I am a goldfish artist,” Mr. Fukahori explains in an article titled ‘New Layered Resin Goldfish Paintings by Riusuke Fukahori’ by Alice Yoo. The author notes that Mr. Fukahori kept his craft a secret for eight years until he felt he had perfected it - before sharing it with others.

Riusuke Fukahori working on one of his 3D Resin Goldfish Paintings

The first thing you’ll need to create realistic 3D paintings is patience. The process requires a step-by-step technique – building up layer upon layer of resin and acrylic paint – with drying time in between layers. Diligence, practice and patience (there’s that word again) will enable you to achieve startling results.

Topically, ideas of what to paint run the gamut from geometric shapes that “pop” off the wall, to realistic-looking aquatic creatures that seem to swim right out of the artists tableau. It seems many artisans choose sea creatures - as epoxy resin makes for the perfect aquatic-looking environment – but of course, the options are only limited by one’s imagination…

Here are some 3D Painting sites we found for ideas with captivating imagery:

The last link even features 3D Resin Art for sale – for the less adventurous who still want to obtain some of this incredible artwork. For the rest of you – you know where to get your epoxy resin…and thank You!

Be Safe – Be Well.