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11 Unique Ocean Resin Art Projects

Jun 7th 2022

11 Unique Ocean Resin Art Projects

Depicts numerous resin ocean projects.

11 Unique Ocean Resin Art Projects

Summer’s almost here, which means the sun, surf, and sand are within our reach! Outdoor celebrations abound, and the ocean is calling all of us to the beach. It’s only natural that we’d be spotting a lot of ocean resin art projects among our customers. And today, we want to share with you some of the most unique pieces we’ve seen, inspired by the world’s big and beautiful oceans!

Standing Resin Wave


@theaccidentalartist_laurie followed a tutorial and her appreciation for ocean art to create this incredible standing resin wave. Not only does this project stand on its own but you can place it over a base light to brighten those already vibrant colors and make this piece a powerful combo of both pretty and practical.

Coastal Clock

Resin ocean art clock by @arttreasures_bypj on Instagram.

@arttreasures_bypj’s coastal clock is a standout home décor piece that will help bring major beach vibes into any space! With the unique vintage-like timepiece and the use of the small rocks, shells, and starfish, we love the dimension that they were able to achieve with this resin work!

Ocean Resin Art Water Bottle

Ocean resin art water bottle by @cmoreart203 on Instagram.

It’s always a delight to see the nearly infinite number of resin tumbler designs that people dream up—and this one certainly deserves a spotlight of its own. After all, why not hit the beach, stay hydrated, and rep your favorite vacation spot with cute resin water bottles like the ones designed by @cmoreart203 on Instagram?

Star-Shaped Resin Candle Holder

Resin candle holder with shells by @mystressreliefart on Instagram.

Now, we don’t want to say this next project is a star, but… how can we not? @mystressreliefart’s star-shaped resin candle holder utilizes leftover resin and an assortment of shells to encapsulate the perfect beach aesthetic. With so many shells in this gorgeous candle holder, the sounds of the sea can’t be far behind.

Ocean Resin Picture Frame

Ocean resin art picture frame by @skycandyart on Instagram.

If you’re fond of frequent trips to the beach, why not frame those memories with the perfect themed frame? @skycandyart’s ocean resin art picture frame is the type of thing that will help bring those memories to life. Not only does this piece show a great execution of the classic resin ocean art technique but it also features the inclusion of additives like shells and sand to help create additional depth.

Ocean-Themed Crystal Resin Spoon

Crystal spoons inspired by the ocean by @tartbytara on Instagram.

@tartbytara’s custom crystal resin spoons are available in a variety of colors and aesthetics and have come to serve numerous purposes over time, such as for meditation, divination, or as an altar tool. Whether you like this spoon because of its flawless ocean-themed vibes or because it’s just the piece that speaks to you, it’s spot on our Unique Ocean Resin Art Projects list is well-earned.

Ocean Resin Vintage Dresser

Vintage dresser with ocean art by @thehobbyheather on Instagram.

@thehobbyheather spent weeks perfecting this Hollywood Regency vintage dresser completely decked with the ocean resin art technique and numerous nautical accents. Inspired by the view of flying over Miami, this lovely ocean art furniture is proof that there are many ways that you can bring your love of the beach into your life!

Resin Ocean Art Mirror

Ocean resin art mirror by @washed_up_oceanart on Instagram.

We love seeing ocean art in all colors of the rainbow, and there’s a particularly fantastical element to seeing it made with colors you don’t typically find in the wild. This warm color palette paired with the pom-pom accessories makes this mirror, created by @washed_up_oceanart, a distinctive decorative piece that will brighten up any wall.

Ocean Art Resin Table

Ocean resin table by @willowswoodandresin on Instagram.

This colossal resin table by @willowswoodandresin is a beachy spin on a classic resin river table project. Sporting lifelike ocean wave effects intermixed with perfectly clear ocean blue resin and slabs of black walnut, this table is sure to make you feel like you’re living life right along the shoreline.

Decorative Ocean Resin Artwork

Ocean resin art on burnt wood by @artbytode on Instagram.

If you’re looking to round out the décor in your beach home, or even if you’re just getting started, this ocean resin artwork by @artbytode should definitely be added to your collection. Available for anyone looking for some “vitamin sea” in their life, this piece was crafted on a section of burnt wood and has touches of seashells for added depth and dimension.

Ocean-Themed Resin Dice

Ocean-themed dice by @sunflower.dice on Instagram.

For those who enjoy the ocean and also a good board game, @sunflower.dice's dice set entitled Heart of a Dead Man is a fortune worth setting sail for! These pieces include bleached moss, seashells, and “cursed gold” lurking beneath the ocean waves. We can’t confirm whether or not the gold is cursed, of course, but we do think anybody would be lucky to have these beautiful dice!

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If you’re interested in trying the ocean resin art technique yourself, consider hopping on over to our blog post that talks through the process. And if you’ve got any resin artwork you’ve made that you’d like to share with us, feel free to send us a message on any of our social media sites.

Look forward to more summer-themed projects, Epoxy Pros!