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10 Resin Accessories That Create Gorgeous Projects

Aug 31st 2022

10 Resin Accessories That Create Gorgeous Projects

A variety of projects that use resin accessories.

Although resin alone is a powerful crafting tool, it is the combination of resin and additives that creates unique effects and continues to innovate the kinds of projects imaginable. We all know that colorants such as mica powder and alcohol ink play a huge role in bringing your resin projects to life. This is equally true for the items you choose to mix with or encapsulate within your resin.

The ease of using epoxy resin for all kinds of crafts means that you can experiment with additives and encapsulations. Let’s discuss 10 additives that have been proven to create gorgeous work when combined with resin. We’ll showcase a variety of projects by resin creators in the community—and some made in our very own office.

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Resin Additives

1. Glitter/Confetti

The use of glitter in resin is common. After all, with the wide variety of glitters available out there, who can resist adding a little bit of sparkle suited to your specific artistic tastes?

Glitter is available in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes. It can be used to enhance resin art of all types and is a staple in geode art, keychains, resin jewelry, and more. Here are some examples of how you can use glitter to add dimension and depth to resin artwork, brought to you by members of our talented community!

The first piece was created by @jens.paint.and.pour, and the second by @elena_stone_homedecor.

Cat art project with glitter in resin by @jens.paint.and.pour on Instagram.

Glitter resin coasters by @@elena_stone_homedecor on Instagram.

2. Shells

Ocean resin art is a well-loved technique among resin crafters, and these pieces often include a variety of both real and craft seashells. Whether you’re integrating whole shells or pieces, there’s no doubt that seashells are a popular inclusion for their beachy vibes they provide.

@willowcreationsoc and @pourmesomethingsista are responsible for the following surf-and-sun-inspired resin projects.

Ocean art clock with shells by @willowcreationsoc on Instagram.

Seashell and resin ring dish by @pourmesomethingsista on Instagram.

3. CDs

When you’re encapsulating something in resin, you often need to glue it down first. This is especially helpful with items you want to position according to a certain pattern, like mosaic art done with CDs. CDs are a wonderful medium to work with due to the different ways they catch and reflect light. They can make great trays or wall art to hang around your home.


4. Metallic Flakes

Another way that you can add shine and sophistication to your resin project is through the use of metallic flakes. Available in a number of colors, including gold, silver, copper, and bronze, metallic flakes are an excellent way to accentuate existing colors or bring something special to clear resin.

@sincerelyskyler and @narodgifts showcase their projects glammed up with metallic flakes below!

Resin coasters with gold flakes made by @sincerelyskyler-on-Instagram.

Resin wine glass bottoms with metallic flakes by @narodgifts-on-Instagram.

5. Crystals/Stones

Crystals and stones of all shades are especially popular when creating geode art. Whether you’re mimicking the crystalline structure of a geode to make resin wall art, on a mirror, a tray, or even a coaster, craft crystals and stones are essential components.

Below are some examples of stunning geode art by @artworkbykendra and @a.comarchoart242, respectively.

Geode resin art using crystals by @artworkbykendra on Instagram.

Resin geode art by @a.comarchoart242 on Instagram.

6. Flowers/Foliage

We’ve talked a lot about incorporating flowers and foliage into resin crafting. One of the most important things to remember when encasing flowers or other organic materials in resin is that they work better when they’ve been dried first. You can typically purchase pre-dried flowers online, or you can even dry them yourself.

Along this train of thought, many crafters also combine wood elements with resin in both small-and large-scale projects.

Here are some gorgeous works by @talkingthyme and @creativeartistryshop that show off their fun floral features!

Resin flower coasters by @talkingthyme on Instagram.

Resin flower bookmarks created by @creativeartistryshop on Instagram.

7. Photographs

Layers of resin can serve as a glossy yet durable surface to protect keepsakes, like treasured photos. It’s not uncommon for crafters to encase photos in their projects. When properly measured, mixed, and cured, the clear resin layer enhances the photo and function as a waterproof surface.

Glitter resin phone case with a dog photo.

8. Stickers/Decorative Tape

Due to the variety of shapes and sizes of stickers out there, they’re a fantastic option for resin inclusions in your project.

Another trend that’s always been part of the crafting scene is using decorative tape, like washi tape. In recent years, we’ve seen it used in everything from coasters, jewelry, trays and more! Like stickers, there are thousands of different decorative tape designs on decorative tape, so you’re bound to find something that suits your style.

@tartbytara worked on both of the projects below, which incorporated both clear stickers and washi tape.

DIY phone case made with glitter, stickers, and flowers by @tartbytara on Instagram.

Washi tape resin coaster created by @tartbytara on Instagram.

9. Bottle Caps

There is a colorful array of bottle caps out there, and we’ve seen many inspired pieces that have involved said caps. Bottle caps in resin are often used in projects like bottle openers, keychains, and even larger-scale pieces, like tables and bar tops.

In our article on charger plates, we go through the process of containing bottle caps beneath a layer of resin for decorative and entertainment purposes. This technique ended up being our favorite! Take a look below.

Charger plate with bottle caps encapsulated on top.

10. Cured Resin

If you have any cured scraps of resin leftover from previous projects, you can also encapsulate or coat them to make a variety of neat projects. We’ve seen people piece them together, resulting in a mosaic-like pattern, before coating them in clear resin to create a rainbow mosaic tray. Check out this tutorial on Resin Crafts Blog for more inspiration on how to use cured resin scraps.

Mosaic rainbow resin tray with a glass on it.

This list is not comprehensive. There are plenty of other things that artists include in their resin work that we haven’t listed. We’ve seen everything from sprinkles and glass bottles, to candy and figurines.

If you have any encapsulation projects you’re proud of, please don’t hesitate to share them with us on our social media sites. We love seeing how artists continue to innovate and try new things with their creations!

Happy crafting!