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Ambassadors Welcome!


And thank you! Being a ProMarine Ambassador is a great way to both explore your artistic muse as well as inspire other artists and crafters – through the use of ProMarine Epoxy Resin. Each Ambassador receives practical and useful gifts, promotional offers, and shared experiences. ProMarine Ambassadors each have something unique and special to offer – helping others realize their Epoxy Pro potential. Thanks again for choosing ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin – and for working with us to help the Epoxy Pro Community!

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Ashley Dawn Bronson

Abstract Artist

Ashley is a self-taught abstract artist based out of Olympia, WA. Ashley was born and raised in the PNW around rainy beaches and beautiful scenery and uses the nature around her to inspire many of her artworks. Art has always been a huge part of her life, using her creativity in many different ways (ie. Photography, baking, or music) but discovered fluid and resin art in early 2018. Since then Ashley has been inspiring others with her creative videos and posts on Instagram, as well as selling at local craft fairs and markets, and live painting in Seattle, WA. In the next year, Ashley will be focusing on large gallery pieces for upcoming exhibitions.

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Elena Corradino

Visual Artist

Elena Corradino is a visual artist from the blue ridge valley of East Tennessee. She is a self-taught painter with 11 years experience. Elena works mainly with acrylic, inks and resin, often times all three at once. She is best known for her unique use of these mixed medias. She creates dynamic pieces using bright colors and many layers of resin. Her subject matter changes frequently, as she is highly experimental in her work. Regardless of this, her vibrant contrasts are easily recognizable. Elena currently teaches local workshops, runs her online business and live paints for local events.

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Jessica Anderson

Salty Seas Resin

Hello from the west coast! I'm Jessica, a Midwest transplant now living life in the sunny state of California. Working full time for a winery in the finance and settlements department, finishing my last year of college for my degree in Economics, and running my Etsy business keeps me very busy. Art has always been something I've enjoyed, having taken a private art class from age 9 to 21, I've tried it all! Watercolor, acrylic painting, oil paintings, sketching, stained glass, fused glass, 2 years devoted to ceramics, and an associate in Interior Design all plays a part in my love of creating, playing with color, and showing others how to do the same! I love helping others grow and try new things when it comes to creating. My Etsy business is a little over a year old now and is a wonderful outlet to allow me to share my love of all things color with the world. To see more of Jessica's creations, visit:

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Mercia Moore

Visual Artist

I'm Mercia Moore, a visual artist working mainly with resins and acrylics. My work is inspired by my love for the African American diaspora. My goal is to share the love I have for my heritage through handmade art that is a functional and empowering representation of people of color. I always use Pro Marine Supplies for all of my products and it's the best resin I've used.

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Olivia Evans

Island Breeze Art

I am a resin artist based in Southern Maryland. I love to make ocean-inspired paintings and functional art such as tables, serving boards, phone cases and more. Each of my pieces are one-of-a-kind epoxy resin creations! I use Pro Marine Supplies epoxy in all my projects and absolutely love it!

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Stephanie Carey

Rustic Wave

I am a self-taught mixed media artist currently residing in Saint Cloud, Florida. Born and raised in Maine with two very creative parents + currently living in Florida = the inspiration for all of my pieces. Over the past year and a half, I've rekindled my passion for creating unique, one-of-a kind pieces with all types of mediums including resin, acrylics, alcohol inks and more. I'm definitely a product of the 70's! I'm not all! I love tie dye, ripped jeans, white t's, hoodies, flannel shirts, baseball hats, the Grateful Dead, Reggae, campfires, hiking, and the ocean. Fun Facts: My Dad is @unclegusstuff - master at the scroll saw and is the supplier of all my birch wood cutouts. My Sister, Jess and brother, Zach are co-owners of @zachshackvh, a family owned and operated seasonal store on Vinalhaven Island, Maine featuring Maine Made gifts.

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Enchanted Wood Deisgns

Mixed Media Artists

Inga & James McClellan are the team behind Enchanted Wood Designz LLC. We are a Veteran Family owned and operated business. I am a passionate antiques, collectibles and home decor person. Along with this passion I enjoy custom painting, refinishing and restoring vintage and antique furniture as well as creating Unique wall art pieces incorporating wood I cut on my laser and designs I print to adhere to furniture pieces. My husband is a carpenter and has no problems building, repairing or fixing anything. Together, we offer Creatives Clubs and Courses and a DIY Monthly wooden Kit Club, where we teach all things Mixed media and Epoxy. Where we offer custom items, Furniture, Custom River tables, Engraving & Personalized items of all kinds, Gifts for all Occasions, Weddings, Birthday, Anniversary and Models of all types for you to put together. Also, items for the Hobbyist, Home craft business and wreath makers looking for blank items to finish or design themselves. etc. As well as Wallhead type graphics, Car/boat wraps, signs and custom designs for T-shirts, hats, bags & cups for personal or business.

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Jen Lashua

Resin Artist

Jen self taught artist and has been painting for over twenty years. She specializes in Resin art. Jen is a full time professional resin artist. The essence of her work is modern, fluid and encompasses vivid color. Jen also a Certified Color-Aroma Therapist and incorporate color therapeutics into each piece.

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James Guelfi

Blue Envy Custumz

Blue_envy_custumz was created to allow owners of 10th generation Honda Accords the ability to fully customize their emblems. We allow the owner to choose colors and materials to make each piece unique, and to be able to set themselves apart from the rest! What started as a hobby focused on using Pro Marine primarily for home goods (coasters, paperweights, serving trays, barstool tops, table tops, and paintings), has evolved into what you see today! Located in beautiful Southwest Florida, contact us through FB and IG for all your needs!

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Emily Hutchinson

E.J. Artistry

A proud Cape Codder and mother to my awesome 9 -year old son and surrogate to a 2 -year old girl, for a friend in New Orleans, I have been an artist since I was a little girl. I received an honorable mention for a painting that my middle school art teacher submitted to the Scholastic Art Awards in Boston, and it all started there. Always inspired by the beach, the ocean and the colors, sounds, feelings and sense of tranquility they provide, I try to encapsulate them in my home and art. While creating a painting on wood for my home by following the natural flow of the wood grain, I stumbled across resin when searching for a way to seal it. After sharing it on Facebook, it was so well received that I decided to learn as much as she could about my newly found medium of resin art. Through research, blogs, online resources and much trial and error and the support of my guy Mike, Ej.Artistry was born.

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Jennifer McCracken

Jen's Paint and Pour

Being born with such a strong urge to create, I was always dabbling in some form of art, as an expressive outlet. From the time I was able to hold a crayon I was using it, on any surface I was able to reach! Born and raised in Southern GA, but now reside in Fresno, CA! It was a big move! Soon after our cross country move I decided to dive headfirst into my career as an artist. Starting my Instagram and Etsy journey in the process! Going 3 years strong as a full time artist, small business owner and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I get to create beautiful art, beautiful connections with other artists and smiles along the way!